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Serial Swindlers is conceptualized by the award-winning team at MAKE World Media

Make World Media


Serial Swindlers exposes the most conniving and creative conmen and women around the world. While the audacity of their crimes and many of their exploits are a ready-made Hollywood script, these are not victimless crimes. All have left a trail of heartache, poverty and destruction in their wake.  From identity theft to hypnosis and seduction, we shine the lights on ruthless and highly creative swindlers and their tactics.  In each film, we will try to track down the swindler themselves, definitely their victims and the authorities that brought them to justice.

We are featuring a wide range of serial con-artists, who have operated in different parts of the world often for decades. The series will be broadcast globally.

Serial Swindlers is conceptualized by the award-winning team at MAKE World Media, following the success of the Crime and Investigation series Asian Swindlers in 2012.


After a busy production period (and a long Facebook absence), MAKE World Media is back with lots of exciting new projects – visit our website at and stay tuned for more info coming so

Shannon Bradshaw Trust Community Hub & Warrington West Police Station – Open Day

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The National Entertainment Awards 2013

The NEA’s have been introduced this year to pay tribute to the hundreds of entertainers and entertainment venues within the UK, who very rarely get recognition for their abilities and achievements.

The NEA’s are open to any entertainer and entertainment venue within the UK, so if you think you deserve to be a 2013 National Entertainment Award winner then get in touch and register now!

So excited to be a judge – but no gavel for me !

Introducing our official charity…..

The National entertainment awards are a not for profit organization, and any funds raised through these awards will be donated to;​ “YOUTH MUSIC”

About the charity…..
​ Youth Music is a leading national charity, using the power of music to transform children and young people’s lives, especially those with least opportunity. Our vision is that through music making, any young person, regardless of their background or chosen musical genre, should have the opportunity to discover their creativity and fulfill their potential. Our working is especially focused on providing unique musical experiences and learning for those with least opportunity.​

For any further information about the NEA’s, please call us on 01258 458006.


Shannon Bradshaw Trust – (Reg. Charity 1113368) Latest News

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Official opening The Shannon Bradshaw Community Centre. 18th March 2013.

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The official opening of @cheshirepolice Warrington West’s new Police Station 18th March 2013.Cheshire’s Police & Crime Commissioner, John Dwyer officially and Councillor Tony O Neil opened Penketh Police Station on Monday 18 March 2013.
The building is owned by the council and is a central hub for the community of Penketh. Having the Police Station and the Shannon Bradshaw Trust within one building (or the community hub as it’s known), ensures that the useful facilities can be used day to day by the community.




Opened 18th March 2013 – The Shannon Bradshaw Community Centre & new Police Station. Well done & good luck !





Stars Lisa Appleton and Mario Marconi spent months filming a show with Carmichael called -

“Lisa and Mario: Their Journey”, footage from which has only ever appeared on the internet.

Selva Carmichael is currently serving 3 years in jail for a £500,000 fraud involving Santander Bank.

“LISA & MARIO pictures”

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